Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pay Back Time Is Such A Bitch!

PAP should now know that payback time is such a bitch! More so for the Chairman of Party with the infamy of "Rotten Fruit Seller".

The atherosclerotic plaque  in my artery leading to my heart did not give way. The ecstasy was overwhelming and I am most grateful that my damaged heart is still pumping fine. The scene at Hougang Avenue 5 especially at the coffee shop at Block 322 after the announcement by Yam Ah Mee  blew my mind! The chance meeting with a Professor and passing him the recycled banner was a bonus!

It was like celebrating Merry Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year when I was young, acing an exam, winning Malaysia Cup (in the 70s) and having an orgasm all at the same time!

I thank my fellow Singaporeans of Punggol East for having the courage to use their votes to let Lee Hsien Loong and his PAP team know that all is not well in Singapore. Enough is enough! Picking dead leaves off the grating of 'longkang' and throwing the leaves thereafter against the wall shows the nature of what the PAP party stands for. In one word it is:  'WAYANG'! = ACTING!

By now Lee Hsien Loong should wake up from his slumber to know that Singaporeans perceive PAP as nothing but "People's Acting Party" cum "People's Arrogant Party". If he is still asleep, come 2016, it may be too late! If he is not willing to get down, really get down to be with the people, he will lose it all [Video Link]

Yeah, it's after 5am of 27 Jan 2013 that this blog is put up. I hope you get the drift because the featured video started before 10pm.

I'm not concerned about PAP losing the majority in Parliament in 2016. Rather, I'm worried and scared shit that the unhappiness, the frustration and the sense of hopelessness of Singaporeans will lead to turmoil not unlike what we see in other countries like Egypt and Syria. Funnily, the turmoil may be initiated by new citizens rather than born-and-bred Singaporeans! The recent bus strike teaches me so.

If the 'buying and fixing' continues ad nauseam (solving problems with pork barrel money) the future of our children and our grandchildren are at stake. We do not need nepotism. We do not need toady and sychophant. We need truth. We need honesty. We need transparency. We need sincerity and human kindness.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hey, I do not want to receive a letter from any high falutin' lawyer that I should not say this in my blog and apologise for what I blogged, but AIMgate is telling me something that all is not well in Singapore!

Where I am concerned, PAP, WP, SDP, SDA, RP and whatever party is fine with Singaporeans as long as the party especially its leadership has the core values to be what it needs to be.

The scare that PAP so often throws at us is that with more opposition members in parliament, with more checks and balances, Singapore would freeze! Geez, I'd rather be freezed than be treated like dafts with spurs in my hides, oblivious to the money that I have in CPF and be ripped off by the exorbitant prices of HDB flats! Which till this day has screwed my mind with this English word called 'SUBSIDY'. Just what the fook is subsidised housing? Where HDB  and their out-sourced contractors can make enough money to the extent that they can give you discount up to 15%?? when cooling measures are called?

The current conditions have shown that the power that is could be beyond redemption for making a mockery of national service (with their obscene salaries) and its disregard for its ordinary folks with its reluctance to implement minimum wage scheme. The GINI reading is a real shame!

Enough of my thoughts at the early morning after an orgasmic journey to Hougang to celebrate LIFE, NATIONHOOD and COURAGE in a little red dot which has cheated us of of our savings and treat us with contempt. When I pay tax according to constitution, I pay tax. Please, but please don't mess me up with unilateral CPF regulations that deprived me of the money I slogged for with my blood, sweat and tears. And please, Ng Eng Hean, I do not use my CPF money after 55 to fook Indonesian prostitutes or look for new sex partners in Batam! [Link]

Yes, payback time can be a real bitch!

Meanwhile, may Singaporeans, especially the 54% of Punggol East residents, celebrate the joy that my fellow citizens in Hougang and I had on having another voice in parliament. A first world parliament I might add, to speak for us, the ordinary folks of Singapore!

Folks who may not own a car or pick up leaves from gratings of longkangs after heavy rain!

Peace be with you!


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