Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Party That Was!

For the average Singaporeans, this may be the mother of all parties!

It's only in this coffeeshop at Block 327 Hougang Avenue 5. The scene outside at Avenue 5 is even louder and more celebratory!

That's the party that was.

The other party that "was" is PAP. Looking at the press conference of PAP after BE, one would note that PAP is still on denial mode. By stating that the by election effect is what made WP win is another act of arrogance. Having been humbled by such a margin, I'm amazed that PAP still wants to act tough while licking its wounds.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why PAP cannot be humane and humble and "honest"(as in transparent and speaking from the heart instead of the stubborn brain). I also cannot fathom why they keep ignoring the obvious that there is so much unhappiness among Singaporeans. Without wasting precious resources on national conversations, commissions or enquiries to 'wayang", every Singaporean like Ahmad, Ah Beng, Kumar and Joe would guess:

  • Singaporeans feel cheated (played out) by the way our savings is handled by CPF. 
  • Public Housing HDB flats are not subsidised. Profits are made from the sale of HDB flats.
  • HDB should sell flats at cost plus instead of benchmarking the selling price based on resale flats.
  • Many departments in government/statutory board are OUTSOURCING their jobs to others. Without the outsourcing of HDB to Town Councils to manage housing estates, the loss of residents' money to Lehman Bros would not have happened. Now we know that Town Councils have outsourced to AIM. 
  • Worse, all these outsourcing from one contractor to another has helped to depress wages of labour especially cleaners and security guards. 
  • Singapore is overcrowded not only with foreign workers but also their fathers, mothers, fathers-in-law, mother-s-in-laws and their maids.
  • Singaporeans are angry being called daft deserving spurs on our hides especially when we are so pestered to to be "better, faster and cheaper" workers.
  • Singaporeans are fed up that there is no equality and justice in Singapore - why certain people are charged and imprisoned for making racists' remarks while others are not. Why PAP government and their agencies allow certain MP to instruct traffic warden not to issue summons to offenders. When these agencies and PAP leaders allow such blatant bending of the rules and ignore the cries of citizens for justice and fair play, Singaporeans can only level the playing field by voting for the opposition.
  • Ministers make a mockery of National Service when they pay themselves $millions!
  • Ruling party has totally lost touch with the ground and the by election at Punggol East is the starker that only PAP is too blind to see.
It is a bitch now for PAP to recruit good new blood. Political aspirants with a sense of justice, fair play, equality and loyalty to Singapore may not touch PAP with a ten-foot-pole. Average Singaporean like Ahmad, Ah Beng, Kumar and Joe may even think that there is turmoil within PAP.

In response to George Yeo's, "Whither Singapore", one wonders, "Whither PAP"?


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