Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Worry For My Grandchildren

In the year 2030, my grandson will be doing his National Service (if it still exists by then). His elder sister, my grand daughter, will be in the workforce.

I read of the White Paper that PAP government is aiming for a population of 7 million (give or take 100k) in Singapore. Why it is tabled to be discussed in Parliament is beyond me. Instead of talking cock in parliament of how many people we need in Singapore, why can't the millionaire ministers shut the fook up and just get the work done! No, not to hit the target of 6,900,000 but get off their butts to solve the current problems of:
  1. public housing not enough
  2. mrt trains not enough
  3. buses not enough
  4. roads not enough
  5. hospitals and beds not enough
  6. polyclinics not enough
  7. places in schools and universities not enough
  8. jobs for Singaporeans not enough
  9. money not enough (to catch up with inflation)
  10. happiness not enough
because of their reckless importation of foreigners without a thought to the damage they created.

With the current 5.3 million people in Singapore, I already find it hard to breathe. People, people everywhere. Rushing here, shoving there. In the trains; the buses; parks; shopping malls; on the roads; by the pavements; in the open fields! Wherever I am in Singapore, I'm never in Singapore. With the people that I see and the voices that I hear, I'm either in China, India or in Philippines. Never feel like I'm in Singapore. Occasionally, I'm in Thailand, Burma or Vietnam. As one human being to another, I have no dislike for people from these countries. It is the PAP government that I resent for stealing Singapore from me and my loved ones.

There is so much talk about how the increasing population and the importation of foreigners help the economy, the GDP and growth of my country. I'm a Cambridge Certificate boy (O level not degree like what the PM has double) and I do not understand. If there is growth, why are we not feeling it? Instead of growing, we feel like shrinking. To nothingness. Being born and bred in Singapore, I feel I'm being violated by a government that cares for its longevity in wealth and power without any regard for the common people who contributed so much to this nation. 

It is a shame that as much as PM Lee tries to project the image that he is on the side of Singaporeans, he is not. Maybe his cronies and rich elitists may perceive him to be but not others. If he is on the side of Singaporeans, he would not be so wicked as to let the current ills in Singapore fester.

If we are suffocating from the current over-crowdedness, struggling physically and financially against foreigners just to have basic amenities like public housing,  transportation and medical care, what of our children and grandchildren come 2030?

What outrages me most is when MND announced the building of more flats and MOT announced the building of more MRT lines during the Punggol East by-election. I thought it was just a political ploy to win more votes for the colorectal doctor. It is heinous of them to do it for the sake of importing more foreigners. 

For decades, I have been a 'quai quai' = 'well behaved' Singaporean. I did my NS in late 60's and my many years of reservist's training. At 55, I realised that I've been fooked by CPF when they did not release in full the money that I started saving since 1967! 

I worked hard to take care of my family; to take care of my country. Except for the free text books that I had during my primary school days, I did not ask for anything from my country. During the times when I was down and out, it was my friends and relatives who helped me. I have never been to a Meet-the-PAPeople-session and I asked not what they can do for me. Reason being I'd rather seek help from friends and relatives than to beg from arrogant pricks! I do not want to be owned by them. My integrity disallow me to owe them any. Now I can tell them in the face, "Mr Minister, you make a mockery of National Service by paying yourself millions from the taxes paid by Singaporeans. You should be ashamed of yourself. How on earth do you sleep at night!" They can fix me but buying me is a different kettle of fish.

For the sake of our children and their children, each of us must send a message, a strong message to the PAP rulers that we do not agree with the crazy Ponzi Demography [Link] that is going on. Like the 'enlightened ones' in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East, we must have the courage to protect our loved ones, our children, our grandchildren. We must not let them suffer a fate worse than us. Please be at Hong Lim Park on Saturday, 16th February 2013 at 4.30pm to show PAP that 5.3 million is more than enough!
I hope my readers will join me in doing what is right in Hong Lim.  I have been in the moment and I shall be again to protect my children and my grandchildren by showing PAP that I have overcome the fear. The worry I have for my kids and their kids overrides the fear I have of ISD, PAP and their lawyers' letters,  I have worked too hard, I have suffered too much to see my loved ones travel like this.

The sooner nations reject Ponzi demography and make the needed gradual transition from ever-increasing population growth to population stabilization, the better the prospects for all of humanity and other life on this planet [Link]


Unity is Strength. 

Be there at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb (Sat) at 4.30pm – “Say NO to 6.9 million population”,

Readers are advised to share this information with people who wish to support the cause.

Thank you


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