Friday, February 1, 2013

Time For Singapore President To Do Real Work

Dear Mr President of Singapore,

Are you sleeping
Are you sleeping
Singaporeans are angry
Very, very angry
Do you know?
Or don't you know?
(Sing to the tune of "Are you sleeping, Brother John")

I have the good fortune of attending the NSP's forum on Population Planning In Singapore at Bras Basah Complex last evening. [Link]

To listen to Hazel, Ravi, Tony and Bryan speak on the subject of the Population White Paper put forth by PAP is worth my effort and my bewilderment of having to take a lift of Block 232 to reach #04-41 of Block 231. To have touched the hands of these young people and spoken to them personally is a bonus! They and other politically minded citizens (audience) who care for the future of my children and my grandchildren deserves my respect and praise. The simple fact that they have the fortitude to stand up to PAP to make Singapore a better place speaks volume of their courage. They deserve our respect. Hormat!

Much was spoken and exchanged during the event. The items from the panelists and audience that attract my attention are:
  • The notion that more human imports are needed to help support the ageing population in Singapore is a farce. The PAP government do not provide free health care nor other benefits like pensions to seniors (except for filthy rich ministers and elite civil servants). Such duties are taken care of by filial children or VWO. Old folks who do not have children to help take care of themselves by working as cleaners in hawkers centres/food courts or pick empty cartons and aluminium cans when their CPF depletes. It is sly to claim that foreign imports help the ageing population in Singapore.
  • What is the reason for PAP to want to have 7 million in 2030? Is it done for economic or political reason?
  • If the reason is economic, there is no reason to convert so many foreigners to Singaporeans. They can be 'guest workers" and return to their country of origin when the job is done. Why make them citizens to compete with born and bred Singaporeans?
  • We are not only importing young foreigners, their ageing parents come along too.
  • Why is PAP forcing this agenda at such speed especially after Punggol East's by-election?
  • Studies showing that the high population density in Singapore will negatively impact the fertility rate of Singaporeans.
  • GIC and Temasek should invest in Singapore and Singaporeans instead of losing overseas.
  • The depreciation of the Singapore passport and how it is easy-peasy to be a Singaporean. Gone are the days when all men who wished to be Singapore citizens had to do at least 2 years National Service (followed by reservist duty) to qualify.
  • PAP should lift the Party Whip in Parliament so that MPs can speak and vote with conscience (if they have one).
  • "A sustainable population for a dynamic Singapore" is not going to work.

However, the main call was to ask the rulers to have a National Referendum on whether Singaporeans want to have 7 million in 2030.

While NSP calls for the referendum, I'm calling on Tony Tan (not of NSP) but Tony Tan, the President  of Singapore to do what is right. The job he swore to do with his hand on the bible to protect Singapore and its citizens is not just a glitzy ceremony. He is duty bound to do his job as a President and not let our ex-President Ong Teng Cheong turn in his grave knowing that the current President is sleeping on his job. If nothing is done to change this Ponzi Demography of 7 million population in 2030, it may be the death of true blue born and bred Singaporeans!

Though PAP and the Istana (Palace) wants Calm, the President should jolly well know that the Wind Of Change will not subside. 

Apart from asking for a referendum where concerned citizens should write to the MP and President requesting for one, is organising a protest at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb 2013 at 4.30pm to say 'NO to 7 million population (give or take 100k)  in 2030'. 

With the spirit of Hougang, Aljunied and Punggol East, we the citizens of Singapore must now fight this 'enemy within' to save our children and our children's children.

Mr President, do you hear the people sing?


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