Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 Days to "Say No To 6.9M"

From the White PAPer debate so far, it seems to me that only WP MPs care enough to speak out for workers and seniors of Singapore.

The PAP elitists simply cowpehcowbu (cry fathet, cry mother =bitch) about the alternative proposal put forth by WP on the population issue. Instead of listening and studying the proposal suggested by WP. PAP starts to act and look smart by hentaming (whacking) WP MPs . Funnily, it's Tan Chuan Jin, S Iswaran, Vickram Nair and the very privileged Non-NSman-MP Janil Puthucheary who appear stupid after their aggressive assault on Chen Show Mao and Gerald Giam. Their thoughtless outburst reminds me of another 'out of this world' MP who suggested that heavy vehicles should be banned in housing estates after the tragic deaths of 2 young boys in Tampines. Are these the expensive talents recruited by PAP???

The ways PAP twist and turn the argument to make WP MPs look bad was shown on TV yesterday. Of course, it will also appear in the Hansard.

Instead of referring to seniors as "Silver Tsunami" which I detest, Chen Show Mao says, "An ageing population is a triumph of development". To this, Ag Minister of Manpower and Tan Chuan Jin pointed out that schemes are already in place to attract more homemakers and seniors to the job market. To which Chen Show Mao said that Tan Chuan Jin's call reminded him of "the person who claims that quitting smoking is easy because he has done it a hundred times."I can't help but ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing?) as I myself am an ex-smoker who only succeeded in quitting after my fourth attempt. Thank you Mr Chen for lightening me up, making my day! [Expand the view of the pic above to read and you'll get the high too).

Mr Chen's Speech which is a "must read" is here [Link].

Has anyone wonder where does the monthly income of a Singaporean worker goes to?
  1. CPF (die die must pay)
  2. GST (die die must pay)
  3. COE (die die also must pay if you want to buy a car)
  4. Road Tax (die die must pay every year after paying COE for a car)
  5. HDB Mortgage (die die say not link to resale flat price but truth is obvious)
  6. Property tax (die die must pay every year for 99-year-lease hold HDB flats)
  7. Service and Conservancy Charges (Cheaper in WP's AHTC than in PAP wards)
  8. Maid Levy (die die must pay if you need demestic help take care of your aged parents or young children when married couple has to work)
  9. Sanitary Appliance Fee (die die must pay every month; go check your PUB/SP Services Bill)
  10. Waterborne Fee (WhatTheFook is that? die die must pay every month, yes check your SP Services bill!)
  11. Income Tax (die die must pay if you earn enough to subsist)
  12. Resale Flat Levy (die die must pay if we change my HDB (flat)
  13. Any other taxes and levies that are not mentioned above
When PAP through their servants collect all the above so that they can pay themselves millions and give some to Lehman Bros, they already make us "bway song". Then they say they must take out $1.1 billion from above to help SMRT an SBS Transit buy 550 buses so that their directors no need to "tng kor". Now they will fooking use the above revenue to integrate foreign imports through parties, workshop, cruises maybe, and make these foreigners instant Singaporeans to make us born and bred Singaporeans more 'tulan'!

I'm just a Singaporean telling it like it is in my blog, vocalising my unhappiness and frustration at a government so lost and confused and so unkind to its citizens especially the older folks who are treated as destructive 'silver tsunami'!

In doing the countdown on my blog everyday, I am helping Gilbert Goh of to attract peace loving Singaporeans who cares and love their children and grandchildren to come to Hong Lim Park to send a message to the PAP government that we are tired of being treated like idiots. In the words of WP's Muhamad Faisal, we want a "Singaporean Singapore" without 6.9 million in 2030. [Must read Link] My sincere appreciation to Brother Muhamad Faisal for speaking for many of us.

Ain't it a shame that the man who wanted us to fight for a "Malaysian Malaysia" way back then has now created a situation with his son and his PAP party for Singaporeans to fight for a "SINGAPOREAN SINGAPORE"!

10 days more to 16 Feb 2013 : HARTAL.v2 - "SAY NO TO 6.9M" ZoukOut at Hong Lim Park at 4.30pm

Related News:
While Bloomberg News [Link] and The Star News [Link] wrote about the "SAY NO TO 6.9M" ZoukOut of 16 Feb 2013 at Hong Lim Park, none of our local msm dares utter a word about Gilbert Goh's call for Singaporeans  to "Let us send a strong signal to our government that we don't want 6.9 million people living here by 2030,"

My extended family and I will be there.

Will you?


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