Thursday, February 7, 2013

9 Days to "Say No to 6.9M"

PAP Has Lost Its Credibility.

It takes patience to watch this video. [Link] I strongly recommend readers to watch because it has gems from many ministers and MPs (PAP, WP and Nominated) doing their thing. However, if the vocal irritates you, please lower your speaker volume.

Watching Khaw Boon Wan doing his dramapapaya in the above video can make you cringe. To pretend to beg WP with clasped hands and say, 'On behalf of these families, I ask Workers Party, please rethink your idea and your approach. Please spare a thought a thought for them. They are our people, fellow Singaporeans too." will not him an Oscar Award. What idiot would not know that Singapore is already a concrete jungle with artificial greenery?

This braggart glorifying himself with his  Punggol North development and saying, "I'm a very discipline chap", "I went underground, I'm chairing the Inter-ministerial Underground Committed to study and coordinate underground developments" makes you want to puke. The wasting of  parliamentarians' time with his $8 heart story yesterday is just too much! (Move slider to almost the middle of this linked video to have a good laugh. . . or a bad puke.)

Ex-ministers Goh Chok Tong of Swiss Standard of Living fame and Mah Bow Tan who are finally summoned to appear in parliament to work for their money did themselves no favour by scaring us with the same crap. Goh Chok Tong says that PM Lee and his team show courage in planning for a population of 7 million, Truth be told, in implementing this white paper, PM Lee may do what George Bush did to Barack Obama in 2008 - Leaving an unbelievable pile of shit for the next PM of Singapore to clear! What with the opaqueness of HDB, CPF, Temasek and GIC. And the current AIMgate!

Again, I detest being called "Silver Tsunami" by Goh Chok Tong and other PAP stooges. Being in my 60's and despite my heart attack, I still work to sustain myself and my wife. We are blessed to have children who provide us with monthly allowance on their own free will. We are grateful for their respect and filial piety. But my wife and I are not, I repeat, are not "Silver Tsunami" We are not a destructive force to destroy a younger generation of Singaporeans we so love. Neither are we or other senior Singaporeans here to annihilate Singapore like tsunami! Fook the idiot who came up with such a derogatory term!

If PAP is so worried of oldies crowding Singapore, for fook sake, ban grandpas and grandmas who come from PRC, India and elsewhere! Yes, HDB playgrounds are swarmed by the parents of FTs with their princelings! Or are they already citizens of Singapore? Heaven forbids.

"I have come across a number of cases where our targeted one child from China brings in 2 parents who then bring 2 parents each as their dependents – Net is that we gain one young one child who we brought in for our future but also inherited 6 older people – making our ageing population issue worse not better." PAP MP, Inderjeet Singh speaking in Parliament on the White Paper.

The only consolation I have from watching the videos is that even PAP MPs are voicing their concerns over the current over-crowdedness and inadequate infrastructures. Even Table Tennis Queen has awakened to humble Khaw on the delinking of BTO flats to resale flats selling price.[Link ] Sadly, talk is cheap. They will end up as HYPOCRITES when they vote "aye" to endorse the Bill to have a population 6.9 millions.

Or will I be pleasantly surprised?

9 days more to 16 Feb 2013 : HARTAL.v2 - "SAY NO TO 6.9M" ZoukOut at Hong Lim Park at 4.30pm

Dear readers, 
Bitching, talking, blogging and forwarding emails and is not enough.

Rain or shine, be at Hong Lim Park at 4.30pm on 16 Feb 2013 to show the arrogant PAP pricks that we want a SINGAPOREAN SINGAPORE!! We don't want them to play dirty like in AIMgate. We don't want 6.9 million! KEEP SINGAPORE CLEAN (BERSEH)!  

My extended family and I will be there.

Will you?


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