Sunday, February 3, 2013

HARTAL- 66 Years After

Transcript of Dr Poh's speech available here [Link]

Is it a coincidence that the 50th Anniversary of Operation Cold Store should happen when Singaporeaens feel that they have been buggered by PAP with the 'White PAPer on PAPulation'?

HARTAL: (peaceful complete stoppage of economic activities on a Pan Malayan scale)

After listening to Dr Poh Soo Kai at Hong Lim Park, I now recall my childhood days when my Ah Kong and my Papa told me stories of "Par Kang" (Workers' Strike) and "Pow Tong" (Demonstration) against the Ang Moh Chenghu (English Government) of 1947.

50 years on, after the referendum of 1963 for Malaysia Merger, I now feel like PAP is "beating my mother, my wife and my sisters". Worse, come 2030, my grandchildren will be beaten by them too. In 2030, my grandson may just be "cannon fodder" to defend a Singapore infiltrated by 50% foreigners endorsed by a PAP government.

That is why I am so unhappy and frustrated with what PAP is doing not only to me but to the generations to come.

I'm moved by the speeches made by the Cold Store detainees and I must share the videos above. We must do what we have to do to build a democratic society based on justice and equality. We cannot allow the elitist PAP to continue riding roughshod over us, our children and grandchildren.

While waiting for 2016 to show our colours, we must press on daily to let the uncaring rulers know that all is not well. Enough is enough! The wayang must stop!

While the callous PAP cabinet may not I, as an average Singaporean, am embarrassed by the "belakang pusing" of ministers on the White PAPer on PAPulation" after having sensed the disquiet of the people. On the front page of ST and other media, PAP ministers are featured to come up with crap like: 
  • Shanmugum: Paper on Population is "to spur debate" (ST Feb 4); 
  • Lee and Khaw: 6.9 million is the worse case scenario (ST don't know when)
So is today 4 Feb 2013 twelve days to HARTAL.v2? [Link]

Transcript of Ms Teo Soh Lung's speech availble here [Link]


ps: If the videos above do not measure up, please pardon the old fogey whose hands are not steady enough to act as a tripod. The smartphone he used to record the event was also too smart for him and the battery dried up before Teo Soh Lung finished her speech. The video of Dr Poh's speech was edited so that he appears to speak continuously in English. In the actual speech, the translation was done in between paragraphs of his speech. If it gets too giddy to watch the video. you may read Dr Poh's speech here.

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