Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 Days to "Say No to 6.9M"

I cried when I read PM Lee said, "Immigrants have been critical to Singapore's success and over the years, many have embraced Singapore's cause, and made important contributions to Singapore, being the fiercest defenders of Singapore and the most able propounders of our cause and pushing our story worldwide. Rajaratnam was one of them. That's how we become a shiny red dot."  I cried not because he was able to stir my sense of nationalism for my country. I cried because I was offended by the insult he brought to our former ministers like S Rajaratnam. To compare Singapore's founding generation of leaders like Rajaratnam to the mass importation of foreigners now by PAP with open legs is an insult too much to bear.

He went on to say,"So we will watch the numbers. But the Singapore core is not just about the number, it's about the spirit, and when I talked about the spirit earlier and if the spirit is strong, we can manage, and I think it's critical to imbue the younger Singaporeans with the Singapore spirit. We will always put Singaporeans first and make sure that the benefits of population in our population policies flow to Singaporeans" If the PM always put Singaporeans first, why are we suffering now? Why are we crowded out by foreigners who takes over our HDB flats, our cars, our buses, our trains, our roads, our social mores, our decency. They have even taken over our rulers who cares more for them than us!

"But let me add also that at the same time Singapore cannot afford to be just here for the ride- passengers. We are not an oil state, where citizens can live on oil wealth and no citizens do the work. For Singapore to thrive, we Singaporeans must always stay lean and hungry. If we lose our drive, we will lose out" PM Lee has to be mindful not to add insult to injury. Average and poorer Singaporeans work without seeing the 'Blue Sky' to make ends meet. It is audacious of him to insult us like that. I may be wrong but I guess the only people living like they have oil wealth are millionaire ministers and their connected cronies and partners.The rest of us cannot even afford to pay for a $8 for a heart bypass operation!

Instead of PAP MP  Lim Wee Kiat asking Low Thia Khiang to turn on his "hearing aid", it is time for PAP to "turn on its hearing aid" to touch base with reality. They have been in their stratospheric ivory towers for far too long! [Link]

7 days more to 16 Feb 2013 : HARTAL.v2 -"SAY NO TO 6.9M" ZoukOut at Hong Lim Park at 4.30pm

Dear readers,
Bitching, talking, blogging and forwarding emails and is not enough.

Come rain or shine, thunder or lightning, be at Hong Lim Park at 4.30pm on 16 Feb 2013 to show the arrogant pricks that we want a SINGAPOREAN SINGAPORE!! We don't want them to play dirty like in AIMgate.

We don't want 6 million in 2020 or 6.9 million in 2030!


My extended family and I will be there.

Will you?

Please forward this plea to all your friends and relatives so that with peace and humility we can show the arrogant PAP government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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