Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Is Straits Times So Shy?

I'm grateful for these great pictures in facebook [Link]. I'm amazed why such pictures are not featured in the Straits Times newsprint.

A dear friend of mine working in University of Hong Kong who is as engrossed as I am in the 'Save Singapore Event' [Link] sent me these newsprints dated Sunday, 17 Feb 2013.


If Hong Kong's South China Morning Post [Link] can print the above on their front page, why is Straits Times so shy that it has to hide such momentous history-making local news at page four of Sunday Times?

If 73 PAP MPs who spoke in Parliament as if they disagreed with the "Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore" but went forth to vote 'aye' for the White Paper, blame me not for not being surprised by the self-preserving act of Straits Times' management team.

To some, the butter (kaya) on the bread is worth more than the integrity, the dignity, the honour of being true to oneself. The 'kaya' (being rich) is worth selling away one's professional integrity and dignity! The 'kaya' is worth living and labelled as a hypocrite! No different from MPs who spoke and vote with forked tongues on the White Paper!

The fear of 'kia bolui', 'kia towkay' and 'kia chenghu' can be scary. Especially so when the 'towkay' is also the 'chenghu'! However, to sacrifice one's dignity and self-respect to be a toady and be in the limelight to be in line for economic ($$$) success which may lead to political power is to lead a life of depravity!

It may not be in the rank of "Selling your own mother and make a profit of it" but the comparison washes well.

It's been said that it is the chase and not the climax that keeps one going. The climax of having thousands standing in the rain in solidarity to achieve bahagia for Singapore  after days of counting down to 16 Feb 2013 at Hong Lim Park has not gone limp.

Together, Singaporeans (with moral support from like-minded friends from Hong Kong and Malaysia)  will continue to stand up for decency to peacefully fight our rights for a democratic society based on justice and equality and not be cowered by well connected hypocrites whose greed for self interest (money and power) knows no bounds!

With idiotic acts like the White Paper, I hope the silly PAP government realises that when push comes to shove, it may be too late. The damage will be devastating like we see elsewhere.

Just so PAP knows, Singaporeans don't want Arab Spring or Tiananmen Square of 1989. Let not the Push becomes Shove!

Dear readers, brothers and sisters, may peace and bahagia be with you!


kaya = a noun meaning bread spread made from egg, coconut and sugar
kaya =  also an adjective meaning rich and/or prosperous
kia bolui = fear of no money; fear of being poor
kia towkay = fear of boss or employer
kia chenghu = fear of government or ruling power
bahagia = happiness, being joyful

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