Friday, February 15, 2013

Tomorrow: "Say No to 6.9M" - Stop the Foreign Invaders!

Do read the link above to hear of Reuter's report on our quest to tell the PAP government that Enough is Enough!

You may enjoy Singa Blogger Blogspot's blog on the fictitious letter by a PAP Grassroots Leader to PM. [Link]

I am incensed by Hri Kumar's "National Defence Duty" on foreigners and PRs crap.

I'm impressed by Siew Kum Hong's response here.

This is what I wish to add:

I started my full time National Service in 1969 in the Infantry wearing temasek green uniform and ended in the Armoured Battalion before my ROD (yes, it was termed 'run-out-date' in the good old days) in 1971. Thereafter, I did my reservist training in the Army. If that was not enough, I was seconded to the Civil Defence Force to do time in the grey uniform as a reservist after many years in temasek green!

I cannot remember the number of years I contributed to the defence of Singapore but my wife, my kids and especially my boss sure missed me when I had to be called in for those reservists training!

I did not quite like it then but I hate it now! I fooking hate the way they monetize my sweat, my blood and my children's tears when I could not come home for dinner as I could not book out but had to stay in-camp doing my reservist training!

Come 2030, my grandson will do his time in National Service (if NS still exists by then). He will be treated by half or more of Singapore's 6.9 million population as "cannon fodder" because the PRs and foreigners whose sons do not need to serve NS will be lorded as paymasters who pay my grandson his NS Salary with their monetary defence duty as recommended by Hri Kumar.

Before Hri Kumar's flippant idea reaches parliament, I humbly suggest that he goes sell his mother first. And make a pimply profit out of it!

Yes, it is rude and I am fookin' angry. But this is the only way to wake up those PAP numbskulls that their "money buys everything!" is not the solution.
  • Money cannot buy the blood, sweat, tears of all NSmen. 
  • Money cannot replace the loss of limbs of NSmen. 
  • Money cannot bring life to the untimely deaths of young NSMen and heal the grief and broken hearts of their parents and loved ones 
  • NSmen and many Singaporeans ask not what the country (PAP ministers and MPs) can do for them, but they do all they can for their country Singapore! Without million dollar salary that ministers make . . . which makes a mockery of National Service!
Even pimps have code of honour and know what loyalty and service to country and countrymen means. Do PAP MPs have only SHIT and $$$$ in their heads?

Nuff said!

COUNTDOWN:  Tomorrow is 16 Feb 2013.

Come rain or shine, thunder or lightning, be at Hong Lim Park at 4pm on 16 Feb 2013 to show the arrogant PAP that we want a SINGAPOREAN SINGAPORE!! 

We don't want them to play dirty like in AIMgate. 
We don't want 6 million in 2020. 
We dont want 6.9 million in 2030.


Monstrosity! [video link1
Enough Is Enough! [video link2]

My extended family and I will be there.

Will you?

Please forward this plea to all your friends and relatives so that with peace and humility we can show the arrogant PAP government that 



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